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Existential grief: A broken heart is so much heavier

Existential grief: A broken heart is so much heavier

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Giclée art print (archival pigment ink on textured 100% cotton paper) available in various sizes. 4x6 is pictured.


*30% of proceeds of this print will be donated to harm reduction organizations working to reduce deaths related to fentanyl, such as FentCheck (


Image Description: Slightly overlapping shapes in red and gray. The heading is “Grief” and the red is labeled “the particular” and the gray is “and the existential.”

On the red there is written in black ink “You. The one and only you” while “you” is written dozens of time in red in the background.

The gray shape has black ink reading: “What even happened? What does it mean to die? Oh my god, your family. How can everything still go on? I want to remember more. Where do memories go? Someday I will die too. Death happens in a second and lasts forever. What now? He was so young. This kind of thing happens every day. How? What if this happens to others I love? Of course it will. Everybody dies. Still- what if? What now? A broken heart is so much heavier. Why?”

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