Website Testing & Feedback Info 11/5/22

Hi! Thanks for your interest in helping provide feedback on the shop. If you'd like to participate, the info is below:

Access the shop at
When you’re on the site, please click around, seeing how it flows, feels, and keeping an eye out for errors, annoying things or any other issues.
Please sign up for emails and check to see if you get a welcome email with a discount code.
Purchase whatever you’d like. Use the code FEEDBACK30 for $30 off your total.
I’m looking for fairly immediate feedback so the code will expire at 8am pacific time tomorrow -  Sun11/6 11:59PM Pacific time.
Afterward, please EMAIL me feedback at as soon as possible.

Here’s the feedback I’m looking for:
- Let me know how you’re viewing the site - phone/tablet/computer &t browser
- Tell me your *honest* first impression: How did it look & feel? Was it feel welcoming and clear? Confusing? Does it feel professional? Easy to find what you’re looking for? Etc
- Navigation: did the links work?
- Intuitiveness: was everything where you though it’d be?
- Check out: is the information in the cart clear but friendly enough?
- Did you get the email when you signed up for emails? and how did you sign up for emails (popup, home page, footer)
- Did you get an email confirming your order?
- Are you shipping to the USA or to another country?
- Let’s pretend you were wondering how long it would take for us to ship your order - can you find this information?
- Did you notice a way to buy a gift card while you were browsing?
- Did you notice information directing UK customers to the UK shop?
- If you are checking out in the US was it clear whether you were selecting shipping with or without tracking?
- If you are outside of the US, did you have an option (pop-up or footer) to change prices to your local currency?
- Anything else :)